Busy day

Not only do I have to hold a full time job down, I actually have to be in charge of my personal life too??  Who knew being an adult required so much work.  (Disclaimer: as a gay man who has always been lucky enough to make a “good” living I’ve not spent a lot of time worrying about the “details” along the way.)  Disclaimer out of the way, the last two years in this economy has been a kick in the balls.  I still make a decent living but have come to realize that the devil is in the details.

So I spent the day on the phone with the mortgage broker, the financial advisor (thanks bro), my husband, insurance agents and the estate planning attorney.  Who knew I had to pay attention to interest rates, closing costs, power of attorneys, living wills, deductibles, premiums and liability limits.  God this is a lot of work.  On a positive note, it’s kind of empowering getting into these details.  Understanding what’s covered on our insurance and ensuring that we’ll be ok in the event of a catastrophe means a lot.  Trying to figure out the best path for our future takes work but it’s important.


What can this blog do..

Ok, so I’m sitting on the couch watching bad tv with a cocktail and I’ve been reading a friend’s blog.  There was a funeral, a baptism and some religion thrown into the posts that I was catching up on.  Those posts made me think about leaving a little family legacy.  Now not all of my family will want to attach their name to these posts but, I think there is something to me recording the events in my life, that will provide reference points to those that come after me.  I lost my mom about 10 years ago and to this day there is a hole that can’t be filled.  Going though my parent’s house as my dad moved on I found reminders that my mother thought about her legacy and I hope that I can pass that along to those that I touch.

Oh Sunday evening…

how I love to hate you.  Seriously, I dread Sunday evenings.  At least I’m doing it the best way I can, on the couch with Project Runway and the second bottle of wine.  We ordered pizza and have been low key since getting home around 5.  Brunch was fun today.  No egg dying :-(.  I actually really like doing that and missed it today.

Brunch was the 8 gays plus the 2 neighbor gays.  We officially killed big bottle o’vodka #4 and had to ask them for a spare (we have a problem).  This on top of two bottles of champagne.  My liver hurts but I have to ease myself off, hence bottle of wine #2.  Ham, macaroni and cheese and a delicious crab quiche.  The weather was GORGEOUS for the most part.  80 and sunny on Friday and we hit almost 70 and sunny today.  Rainy and cooler yesterday but I can’t argue with a day on the couch, just me a book and my big baby girl (dog).  Seriously she couldn’t even be bothered to eat.  Ok, off to finish catching up on tv.  Hope y’all had a great Easter.  I’m sitting here with a big ole smile on my face.Big baby

Nothing says Easter like

A house full of gays, a truck load of booze and some combination of Whitney Houston and Lady Gaga blasting on the stereo.  Ok, that’s but a little glimpse into my weekend so far.  I’m not posting pictures in order to spare the guilty.  We’ve killed 3 big bottles of vodka and cracked the 4th last night, 2 big bottles of premixed Cuervo Golden margaritas (if you haven’t had them you’re seriously missing out) and I’ve completely lost count of the wine and beer dead soldiers.  Our dinner was a complete hit.  The carne asada was YUMMY.  I don’t have the recipe handy but I’ll post it when we get back to town.  We had a beautiful sunny day on Friday.  We spent the whole afternoon outdoors pulling out furniture, window screens, etc. (it actually feels like winter might be over).  I had fun with a sledge hammer and an old fence, there’s something satisfying in tearing shit apart.  Today it’s brunch and egg dying.  At least we don’t have to make our own bonnets this year.  Hope you’re having as fun a weekend as we are.

It’s 69 and sunny here.  I treated myself to Chipotle for lunch (trying to feed my hangover from last night).  I’ve decided the weekend can just go ahead and start.  No really, can it please go ahead and start?  We’re heading to our friend’s farmhouse in MI this weekend.  Weather is supposed to be nice.  8 gays, 6 dogs and lots of booze.  Sounds like a good time to me.

Given that the whole group likes to cook..and eat..we usually end up divvying up the meals and each couple takes one on.  The husband and I volunteered for Friday night dinner.  Given the spring forecast we decided it’s time to grill.  We debated various menus but have settled on carne asada.  Let the mexican theme begin.  Appetizers will be guacamole, creamy jalapeno (my own recipe) and salsa (my family’s top secret recipe).  Carne asada, yellow rice and a jicama salad for the main course.  All washed down with margaritas and cerveza.  Now really, can it be the weekend?

Easter gays

Winning egg and the prize

I mean eggs… Lots going on and I admit I haven’t taken the time to blog. I promise to catch you up on things, in particular a few stories about a wedding in the family but first…back to the Easter Gays..i mean eggs. So this past weekend a good friend threw his second annual Easter gay contest…i mean egg..really. So the challenge..decorate an egg…the menu lots o’cocktails and appetizers. Can you see where this is going?

So being the good card carrying gay that I am I google egg dying and click on the Martha Stewart link..hello…Mama didn’t raise no straight boy. So there was a trip to the local hobby shop for tape, stickers, construction paper, pipe cleaners, and yes even doll hair…the game is ON. I had grand plans of plaids and stripes and dots…didn’t work out so well. Luckily my husband was able to represent. The winner…Buckwheat..with little construction paper overalls and a ‘fro. I never said we were PC. The prize…Grey Goose…that’s how the gays do it. You go honey!!

Let the festivities begin

So it’s Wednesday evening and I’m sitting on the couch relaxing with my husband. As usual, we’re catching up on the DVR and having a cocktail. Tomorrow we hit the road heading to Missouri. My sister, younger sister/only sister, is getting married this weekend. I’ve been asked to help “coordinate” the weekend however, after several conversations with my sister, my only responsibility is to get the flowers handed out and make sure everybody lines up all nice and pretty. Now the big brother/planner in me is dying to take over. There are details that matter to me that seem important that my sister doesn’t care a bit about. I hope for her, that this weekend goes smoothly. I want her to have a great wedding and I hope her guests have an enjoyable evening. One way or another it’s bound to be an interesting weekend. I promise to try and post during, and at the very least I’ll have some great stories to share after.